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Welcome to ArchiWiz, where innovation meets precision in the realm of architectural excellence. As a leading name in BIM modeling, architectural visualization, and remote management solutions, we redefine the landscape of residential projects.


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With a focus on Visualization and BIM, Archiwiz offers a complete package of services that also include Photography, Videography, Laser and Drone Scanning.

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Building Information Modeling improves collaboration, coordination, communication, reduces errors and rework, while saving cost.

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Architectural Visualization helps you to see the design of a building before it is built and provide feedback for changes.

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Our customized landscaping enhances property appeal, reduces maintenance time, and caters to various budgets and needs.



Professional coverage of your project that includes aerial shots and high-resolution digital images using our latest equipment and techniques.



We use advanced equipment and techniques to create stunning videos that offer an unforgettable and engaging viewing experience.



Laser scanning is used to collect accurate and comprehensive data ensuring adherence to plans, minimizing errors and rework at an early stage.


Have a look at what our clients have to say about us!

Susan Deverell

"Having the pleasure of working with the Archiwiz team, I was completely blown away by their attention to detail for my project."

Evan & Kourtney Doyle

"The team was able to create a comprehensive 3D model that allowed us to identify potential issues and make necessary adjustments before construction began. The end result was just phenomenal and exceeded all of our expectations.".

Katey Spiess

"I would highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for Visualisation and Architectural services that are accurate, efficient, and effective."

frequently asked questions

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  • Coordination drawing
  • Shop drawings
  • BIM 3D model
  • MIRs (Model Information Request) also known as RFIs (Request for Information)
  • Clash detection

For further details, check out our services page or contact us through the contact form.

Although a set of architectural, structure and MEP drawings give precise information for BIM services but if there is no drawing set, we can provide 2-D drawing services for better information on the project.

The typical turnaround time for a BIM package depends on the project’s area, number of floors, complexity and its type. (Residential or commercial)

We offer BIM services across the USA.

Yes, BIM can help reduce costs for your project by providing better coordination, clash detection at the early stage of your project, accurate material takeoffs that help save cost & prevent errors.

  • 2D & 3D floor plans
  • Interior and Exterior Still Visual
  • Aerial Visual
  • 360 Visual
  • 360 Visual Tour
  • Multi-staging 360 & Still Visual
  • Interior & Exterior Animation

For more details, check our services page or contact us through the contact form.

The minimum number of revisions depends on the project’s scope.

The typical turnaround time for a visual depends on the project’s complexity and quality.

Visualization services are provided across the USA.

A drawing set is preferred as it provides clear details for visualization services. However, drawing set submission may or may not be compulsory for visualization services, depending on the project and the client's requirements.

  • Landscape design
  • Cost & Quantity estimation
  • Landscape visuals
  • Landscape virtual tours
  • Landscape walkthrough animation

For more details, check our services page or contact us through the contact form.

Yes. We can provide modifications for the existing features of your land by the addition of plants, and remodeling of structures as per county specs, bylaws and zone hardiness.

We try our best to provide the ideal design according to the client’s requirements and budget considering the county specs & bylaws.

  • Laser scanning can be done at the different stages of the construction to collect accurate and comprehensive data & to ensure the process of construction is proceeding according to the plan.
  • It not only helps reduce the risk of errors and rework at the earliest stages of construction but also reduces the overall project timeline and cost.
  • We collect all the data from laser scanning into the detailed As-built 3D models that can later help in the renovation of the building or for any potential issues that may arise in the future.

It depends on the project’s scale and scope to complete a laser scanning survey.

Scanning is a part of BIM services. However, scanning services can be acquired separately for a project.